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   2ND TAC Meeting Athens 15th of January 2016

15.01.2016 - 15.01.2016
Athens, Greece
Minutes of meeting


Agenda of the meeting

  1. Opening and welcome address delivered by the representative of the Greek CIGRÉ NC
  2. Introductory words of the SEERC Chairman (Information on Regional CIGRÉ Meetings)
  3. Address given by the Invited Greek Honorable Guests
  4. The 1ST SEERC Conference Scenario Proposal
  5. Discussion on the Conference scenario (Open Discussion country by country)
    • Discussion on the Proposal for Invited Key Speakers (MEDRING, ENTSO-E, EU Commission, European Academy of Sciences and Arts, etc.)
  6. Academic Forum of the Conference
    • Presentation and Discussion on main Topics
  7. Brief Presentation of future regional Electric Power System development outlooks (Country by Country)
  8. Report on received Paper Synopses
    • Miha Becan, "Report on received Paper Synopses"
    • Alocation of Papers in selected Topics
    • Selection of Chairing persons, Reviewers, Moderators of Interactive Panels, Proceedings and Final Report Editors
  9. Open discussion on possible technical cooperation concerning the most important actual regional issues
  10. AoB

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