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   Second Meeting in Belgrade

06.11.2014 - 06.11.2014
Belgrade, Serbia
6th November 2014, Belgrade, Serbia

The second official meeting was held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 6th November 2014.


Agenda of the meeting

  1. Opening speech of the Chairman of the Serbian NC CIGRE
  2. Minutes of the last meeting in Rome (January 2014)
  3. Final Report of the Ad Hoc Advisory Group founded at Rome meeting
    1. Position paper
    2. Results from Questionnaire
    3. Discussion on Regional working groups
  4. Corrigendum on Memorandum of Understanding
    1. Regional Advisory Group on Technical issues
    2. New full members: NC Greece, NC Turkey
  5. Discussion on Regional Rules in coordination with Central Office Paris
  6. Exchanging information country by country
  7. Proposal for the First SEERC Conference
    1. Selection of topics, programing committee
    2. Invitation for cooperation with MEDRING, ACER, ENTSO-E
    3. Academic and Industry forums
  8. Any other business (cooperation with AORC-CIGRE))
  9. Follow up

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